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One Piece Rides & Tanjiro vs. Rui PopShield Protector

One Piece Rides & Tanjiro vs. Rui PopShield Protector

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One Piece Rides PopShield Protector (10.2"x7.3"x7.7")

PopShield is simply the best Funko Pop protector on the market today.  

Features include:

  • .45 mm thick acid-free PET plastic, an average of 10-25% thicker than most other protectors. Thicker plastic = Better protection for your Pops!
  • Easy-peel protective film that keeps the PopShield from getting scratched before it gets to you.
  • Push-lock tab that adds structural integrity to the box when formed, and keeps the Pop safely inside no matter what happens.
  • PopShield logo is stamped on the top flap for brand recognition. Accept no imitations!
  • Funko Pop! Vinyls pictured are NOT included (Pop! Vinyls used for display purposes only)

These protectors are also compatible with the following pops:

  • Blacklight Valkyrie's Flight (Pop Rides)
  • Carl & Ellie with Balloon Cart (Pop Moment)
  • Dead Strange & Scarlet Witch (Pop Moment)
  • Demon Slayer Tanjiro vs Ryu (Pop Moment)
  • Eddie Guerrero with Low Rider (Pop Rides)
  • Goofy At The Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction (Pop Rides)
  • Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore with The Mirror of Erised (Pop Moment)
  • Jurassic Park Dr. Sattler with Triceratops (Pop Town)
  • Jurassic Park John Hammond with Gates (Pop Town)
  • Jurassic Park Muldoon Raptor Hunt (Pop Moment)
  • Jurassic Park Tim Murphy with Velociraptors (Pop Moment)
  • Kirk & Spock from the Wrath of Khan Target (Pop Moment)
  • Lilo & Stitch in Hammock (Pop Moment)
  • Luffy with Going Merry (Rides)
  • Luffy with Thousand Sunny (Rides)
  • Michael Myers with House (Pop Town)
  • Mickey Mouse at the Space Mountain Attraction (Pop Rides)
  • Space Mountain & Mickey Mouse (Pop Town)
  • Stitch in Rocket (Pop Rides)
  • Tanjiro vs Rui (Pop Moment)
  • The Batman Batmobile (Pop Rides)

PLEASE NOTE - These are very large and considered a Super Sized item. We will endeavour to ship them with pops inside for maximum efficiency, but may need to charge super sized shipping if ordered with only standard sized pops and that shipping option is chosen during checkout.

Capitol Collectibles is an Authorised Reseller for PopShield. These items have been imported directly from PopShield with authorisation to sell them to consumers in New Zealand under their brand and logo. 

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