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Tokyo Ghoul - Half-Kakuja Kaneki (265) SIGNED BY AUSTIN TINDLE

Tokyo Ghoul - Half-Kakuja Kaneki (265) SIGNED BY AUSTIN TINDLE

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Through this POP figure, Funko represents Kaneki Ken the powerful and famous half-human from the manga and the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. He is in the half-kakuja form also called "Fire Ghoul", a form he does not master, in which his ghoul side takes over. This POP is very similar to the one we can see in the animated series. Indeed, this new form gives him the appearance of a scolopendre, with a mask of RC cell on his face which gives him a hooked nose. This mask only reveals his scarlet eye located in the middle of his face. We can also see his one white eye showing his state of uncontrol and madness. His imposing kagunes are two in number and in the shape of a purple scolopendre, allowing him to levitate.

Condition M

2018 Release

This Pop was signed by Austin Tindle at Wellygeddon (Wellington Armageddon), the last photo is of him signing this exact Pop.

This Grail includes a Hard Stack to ensure it stays in the best condition possible

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